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Monte Urano
Via 1 Maggio, 8
63015 - Monte Urano (FM)
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To ensure the highest quality, Simar Arredamenti has the finest materials and the most valuable and resistant woods; moreover - to be even closer to customer's needs - has very competitive prices, without taking away creativity nor precision from the final product.

Highly qualified staff is at customer's disposal to design any living space. The designers will enhance the environment by measuring functionality and aesthetic value.

In fact, Simar manufactures furniture for your home, office, shop and more, with the collaboration of a team of designers that responds to any request. This team will help you decorate your space with the best ideas for a great result, combining the beauty of the wood with the refinement of the selected materials.

The processing of each single product is guaranteed by the professionalism of the carpenters and by the traditional precision, given and perfected over generations.

In fact, is possible to say that in the old school professionalism and accuracy is enclosed a synthesis of craftsmanship and technology projected towards the perpetual expansion and renewal.

A great resource of this company is the internal carpentry which makes possible to create custom products, based on own ideas which best fit with the spaces and dreams of our customers.

Simar Arredamenti is a company with long traditions, these enclose the old school taste and flavor in its products.

Simar Mission


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