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    The decor of our home becomes the stage of our private life, that place in which each room allows the change, the dynamics of the behaviors and of the situations: it's the stage house.

    Alessandro Mendini
    Progetto Infelice, 1983

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    We find two pleasures in our home, to get out and to return.

    Henry Becque

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    This is the true nature of the home: the place of peace; the refuge not only from all injury, but from any fear, doubt and division as well.

    John Ruskin
    Sesame and lilies, 1865

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    Our usual inner disposition depends on the disposition of our soul in which we keep our environment.

    Friedrich Nietzsche
    Aurore, 1881

Simar Arredamenti - Italian Design


Within the company Simar Arredamenti there are few aspects like: the tradition, the quality of the furniture combined with italian creativity, the punctuality of the deliveries, the precision and the design.

All these aspects are taken as points of reference when consulting and welcoming our clients, and finally in the sale.


Monte Urano
Via 1 Maggio, 8
63015 - Monte Urano (FM)


Simar Arredamenti operate in this field directly with private clients and construction companies, collaborating in the same time with architects, upholsterers, blacksmiths and decorators in order to provide original, refined and unique furnishings.

The outlets Simar Arredamenti operate in this industry adopting a business formula based on the quality of the product, on the assortment and on the services provided to the customer.

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Our eyes were made to see the shapes in the light: the shadows and the lights reveal the shapes...

-Le Corbusier


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